We Are The Trojan Grill!

The Trojan Grill was birthed from a 25 year friendship between two best friends, Greg Guy and Carson Diaz, whom together possess over 35 years of elevated experience within the food industry. From dishwasher to General Manager, these two have done it all. In 2018, Guy and Diaz had a concept to create a dining experience that would provide exceptional service, delicious food at affordable prices in a setting conducive for singles, couples, and families to co-mingle together in harmony. Guy, being a husband and father to a blended family of seven children and Diaz who is amongst Richmond's most eligible Bachelors in his own right brought in the best of their worlds and were able to create a Bar and Grill that can be a home away from home for people across the spectrum. Our key to success will be providing great food, in a fun and upbeat environment where the only requirement to be served in this establishment is to uphold a standard that if something causes you to laugh really loud,you are willing to share the joke with others so we can all join in on the fun!